Ronco's Visit (2)

Here are some more photos of out time in the Helderberg Nature Reserve on Sunday with David & Jacqueline.

1. The male weaver bird building his nest. Once he's finished the female will inspect it and if it's not up to scratch, he'll have to break it off and build another one. It can take upto 7 attempts to get it right!
2. Taking a break from his industry, he doesn't look very appreciated does he!
3. Egyptian geese on the lake in the Nature Reserve. Apparently they have recently been reclassified as ducks.
4. A rare sight of a turtle swimming in the lake at the Reserve. Joel really enjoyed seeing this.

5. Joel sitting on an old tree stump.

Weaver bird building his nest

Weaver bird taking a breather from his hard workEgyptian geese in the nature reserve Turtle swimming in the lake

Joel sat on an old tree stump


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