Whale Watching

We drove out to Hermanus this morning as the weather was so bad (it's been raining for days!) thinking we'd just have a nice drive, but as you can see from the photos below we were blessed with an amazing morning! Joel was so excited to see the whales and exclaimed: "I can see it, whale" on several ocassions. These whales are all 'Southern Right Whales' so called as they were regarded as the 'right' whale to catch back in the bad days of whaling.

The photos show the following:
1) Two whales swimming together, probably getting ready to mate.

Two whales swimming together

2) Whale breaching in the distance, in the foreground (bottom left) you can see another whale.

Breach in the distance

3) Sailing; this is the description given for when whlaes stick their tale out of the water. There is another whale just visible in the centre of the picture.

Sailing, this looks like fun

4) Whale breach, we were given such a treat when this whale breached right in front of us as we stood in the car park.

Whale breaching

5) Splashdown, this was the splash as the whale crashed back into the water, very impressive!



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