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On Wednesday we were approached by the ACVV (local Afrikaans Christian Social Service) to enquire whether or not we're still interested in adoption. This is something we feel passionately about and long to do. We had made a few enquiries about this since we've been here but each time the door seems to have closed firmly on us. So to be approached by a local agency is quite exciting (and a little bit scarey!). Basically they have asked us to consider a long term fostering arrangement with a possibility of adoption (but no guarantee) of a 3 month old boy. Obviously this would have huge impact on us as a family but also on our ministry here (in more ways than would be immediately obvious but we can't unpack that just now).

We really need your prayer support over the next few days as we've agreed to get back to the ACVV on Monday with a decision. Dean would just say yes, but he's a bit more reckless than Paula who tends to view things on a more long term basis. One of our main concerns with this particular situation would be if the child had to be returned to the birth family rather than continuing on to adoption, could we (especially Paula) handle the emotional turmoil? Also, how would Joel cope with a 'brother' suddenly appearing and then possibly disappearing somewhere down the line.

Equally, if we could only input into the child's life for 2 years (that is the initial period ACVV are speaking of) isn't that offering the child more than he could receive if we say no. We really need to get a sense of God's will in this.

On a practical note, there would be some key issues we would need to sort, such as accommodation and very importantly, obtaining permanent residency in South Africa.

Please pray with us that we would be obedient to God in this and make a decision which glorifies his name.

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  1. My eyes filled with tears reading this, just at the enormity of it. We will really join with you in yearning God's will on it. With loads of love always Rich, Sal, Josh and ID x


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