Paula drove down to Chris Nissen tonight to lead the memorial service for Anna (after last week's postponement) only to find that Aunty Blaby wasn't there and Dina had forgotten that she was coming! This is extremely common, but really frustrating. Not only is it physically annoying ie: in terms of wasted time, energy and petrol, it doesn't do the community any good either. We are assuming that there has been a circumstance beyond our control, but more likely, Aunty Blaby is grieving very deeply and just can't handle any more attention. Please pray that either one of us will be able to see her soon and help her with the process. Paula would also dearly love to share the message she has for people at this memorial, so please pray for an opportunity in the not too distant future, next week would be ideal for this.

Dean had some encouragement with his MA today - finally!. After submitting his first paper in June he heard verbally from the course leader that that paper passed with a mark of 58% which is quite good for a first paper which was 25 pages of A4 printed. Dean is encouraged by this but incredibly frustrated overall with UNISA. He's off to Pretoria on the 11th for 3 days and at his time will attempt to get some assurances from UNISA regarding their administration, communication and general management of the course. Things have been poor to say the least and we need to know that if Dean is to continue then next year will be very different to this year in terms of receiving assignment titles and feedback on schedule. Please pray for this as we still feel that Dean should be doing an MA, but maybe with a local university rather than UNISA, but we need clarity on this.


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