The media appear to have lost interest in Hurricane Katrina and her aftermath and with Rita not providing the expected (and even desired?) news stories the people impacted by these disasters are left to get on with life.

We said a while ago that we would try and find some info from local churches about what is going on and how we can best pray for those affected by the hurricanes. We eventually looked at the Willow Creek website (looking for something totally unconnected) and found the following information:

Money, Materials, Manpower

Willow Creek Community Church is working to meet the needs of evacuees both locally and in the Gulf Coastal Regions by providing financial, material and people resources. The immediate needs are overwhelming, but long-term needs must be met—rebuilding and restoring families and communities in the aftermath of the storm. Our strategy is to respond to both.

Local Response

We are connecting volunteers to local serving and donation opportunities in order to respond to the needs of those who have been temporarily relocated to our area communities. Locally, Willow will partner with Salem Baptist Church and World Vision Church to reach out to these evacuees.

Gulf Coast Regions

Willow Creek and our congregation have raised funds that are being distributed to churches and grassroots organizations in the Gulf Coastal regions. We are committed to providing financial, material and people resources through local churches and faith-based organizations. This insures we are helping individuals and families affected by the hurricane.

We are delivering donated items and providing people resources in Alabama, Mississippi and other affected regions.

Text & image ©Willow Creek Community Church

According to their website, the Willow creek churches have so far received contributions totalling US$789,127 which is fantastic!

Also, one of their most recent bits of info says: "Willow Creek shipped seven (7) semi-trailer trucks full of
t-shirts, socks, underwear, tennis shoes, jeans, pillows, bed linens, towels and blankets to the Hurricane Katrina relief efforts in Waveland, Mississippi."

Praise God for such an amazing response by his church!

Willow Creek have also set up a Blog in which volunteers are recording their experiences, this is well worth a visit and can be found at: WCCC Blogs

This still doesn't contain much in the way of prayer pointers, but it does give items for which we can praise our living God!

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  1. Thanks so much for pointing your readers to our stories blog at Willow Creek. We are just beginning to catalog the many stories of our people who are volunteering in Waveland, MS. We are rotating teams of 25 volunteers on site every four days. Thanks for your support.


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