This morning we had a visit from Monica Brooks from Cheadle. Monica is currently on holiday in the Cape and took time out to join us for the morning, so we went to Chris Nissen to meet a few folk. As ever we were really well received and those who met Monica really enjoyed their time with her.

Hopefully Monica had a good time too. After lunch we took Monica back to her hotel in Cape Town and Paula went off on her own for a while whilst Dean & Joel went to the aquarium.

Joel really enjoyed himself in there for an hour and a half and we walked around four times, always stopping to admire the sharks!

Dean is off to Pretoria early in the morning and won’t be around for three days, so please pray that Joel won’t miss him too much. It could be quite a trying time for Paula (& Joel) but hopefully she’ll be able to lean on friends for a bit of support.

The photos below are of Monica in CNP and show her talking with Michael & Joyce (Michael is in Dean’s bible study group) and talking with Paula in CNP.


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