We've had an excellent time with Andy Clasper from Queens Road Church in Wimbledon, it was a pleasure to spend time together and to be able to show Andy a little bit of what we're up to. Andy has also had a brilliant 3 week holiday in SA and has been able to experience things normally not on offer to tourists including playing Santa for 70+ children in Emyezweni, our pre-school in Lwandle township (enjoy the photo below).

Joel took a real shine to Andy and really didn't want to say goodbye on Saturday afternoon and he had to be distracted with the promise of Nemo in the end to cheer him up. On Sunday we took Joel to the Nature Reserve (our second home) and Joel kept asking where Andy was?

Saturday night we entered uncharted territory with Joel by taking him to the annual Noddy Party organised by the Round Table in Somerset West. The party started at 7 and went on to about 9.30 and Joel coped admirably with the late night (although we won't be making a habit of it!), the only downside was that he didn't have a lie-in in the morning so it was business as usual for us all at 7am. Joel was awe struck at times by what he saw, and was delighted to see Shrek and Barney on stage. Joel managed to get a hug from Shrek so he was thrilled (we however hadn't recognised Shrek immediately!). We went with a group of friends so the kids could have fun together and Joel & Matthew played so well together and were equally excited about the characters they saw on stage.

Emyezweni Nativity

Andy as Father Christmas (cause...)

..& effect

Noddy on stage with Big Ears & PC Plod


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