On Thursday Dean's Bible Study met in the containers in CNP again, after a few months of not being allowed access. Praise God! It looks like we'll be able to meet in there each Thursday which will be so much better as it is so big. Also, this means as a group we can grow, which is one of our key aims for next year. Please continue to pray that we would be allowed to use the container without all the nonsense of CNP internal politics getting in the way.

One other benefit of using the containers means that we don't need to meet in Michael's house. This is a sensitive issue as the house belongs to his father (Douglas) who is taking Michael & Joyce to court to have them evicted. This is a real tragedy but unfortunately is looking like a realistic prospect. We really need to pray that Michael & Joyce can remain in CNP even if they have to move out of the house. The court date is set for the end of the month. Sadly this has all come about as a direct result of Michael & Joyce seeking to care for and protect Douglas from his drinking habit. Sadly each time Douglas receives his monthly pension the money is gone within an hour and he is blind drunk, invariably this leads to him being picked up and returned home by the police. Quite where all the money goes is anyone's guess, but Douglas does suddenly become very popular on pension day. During the rest of the month Douglas has no food and no money for electricity, so he's dependent upon Michael & Joyce who want to care for him. Please pray for Douglas, pray for grace in his life and that he's stop drinking. Pray also that this housing debacle would be resolved amicably without intervention from the court.


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