Adoption Roller Coaster

One has to wonder when (if ever) the rollercoaster will stop. We're now in the last few hours before we get up at some unseemly hour to drive to Cape Town airport and fly to Bloemfontein on the 'redeye' at 6am. Suddenly it all feels a bit crazy and almost reckless, even though we are convinced that this is part of God giving us our hearts desire.

The last 24 hours have been really busy and we seem to be constantly niggling each other, mainly because Paula has everything organised and Dean is a procrastinator (cracking combination!). Despite this we do seem to have got most things sorted although Dean hasn't sorted out the blind in the baby's bedroom, for which he will be made to suffer inexorably!

We've really appreciated some very encouraging phone calls from dear friends, we loved chatting to Roger & George on Saturday (Roger was best man at our wedding) and then tonight we chatted with Shirley in Switzerland (Shirley and her husband have adopted two gorgeous kids) who offered some brilliant advice which we'll definitely be taking up!

We feel really blessed too that Wilna (our social worker) is a Christian and is fully supportive and sympathetic to Christians wanting to adopt. This makes such a difference from the often ridiculous stance taken by the 'PC' social services in the UK and we're grateful to God for her.

Please pray that all would go smoothly, especially for birth Mother as she is due to be induced in the morning, pray that she might go into labour naturally. Please also pray that God would bless her decision to give her child to our family, also pray that God would bless her decision not to terminate the baby. We stand in awe of her for taking this pregnancy full term and really hope she will be blessed for doing so.

That's all for now, we'll post again on Wed eve when we're home, and hopefully we'll also have a photo or two to post.

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  1. Hi Dean - just want to let you know that my prayers are with you. It must be difficult to be waiting like this for your new baby, but God is in control. Keep the faith!
    Blessings for your family and best wishes for Christmas & 2006!


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