We've had a great Christmas so far! On Christmas Eve we had dinner with some friends and two of their family members which was great as we all have children of a similar age and they really enjoyed charging around together.

Joel has been totally unfazed by the whole event and just like last year he wanted to play for about 20 minutes with each toy before opening the next present. One of the real joys of our lifestyle and work is that we're sheltered from the greedy commercialisation of Christmas and as such can focus more on the true meaning of the day.

We realise that as he gets older, Joel will become more aware of the commercial side but it's great to enjoy Christmas for what it really is.
Having a newborn in the house has changed things a lot! Suddenly we begin to realise that Joel really was incredibly easy whilst he was on his own (he's not being difficult now) but to have two kids involves a whole load more work than we had probably anticipated. We're really enjoying Eli and he is doing incredibly well as we try to settle him into a routine, but the late nights and early mornings are tiring.

We hope you enjoy the photos below (as ever click on them to view them full size) and there are more over on our Photoblog

The Boys on Christmas Eve

Our Christmas Tree


  1. Reading you write "our boys" just sounds so right doesn't it! Lovely to see your tree too, it looks great, as do you all. Miss you!

  2. Hi Dean & Paula,
    Congratulations to you all! Great to see your new son has arrived. God is good.
    Blessings and best wishes from the Netherlands


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