In the midst of all that is happening we're trying to make sure that we give Joel a lot of time and attention, and on Saturday afternoon we met up with some friends in the local Nature Reserve for a couple of hours. Joel had a great time running around with Sean including a brief visit to see Spikey the porcupine (for more photos look at our Photoblog).

We had a phone call from the social worker in Bloemfontein today to say that the birth mother has been readmitted to hospital and a c'section will be performed tomorrow (Wed), so the plan at the moment is for Paula to fly to Bloem' on Thursday morning, returning in the evening with our baby! Please pray that all would go well and safely for the birth mother and baby, pray that the baby can travel OK and please pray for Joel as he has to deal with the reality of no longer being number 1.

We'll let you know more soon and we'll post a photo of our baby once s/he's home.

Joel on a picnic table in the Nature Reserve

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