Action in CNP

Dean has just been to an excellent meeting at the municipality with Dina & Mama Jane regarding the vegetable garden in CNP and the proposed netball court for the community. Amazingly, the parks dept have agreed to give the community R1000 towards the vegetable garden for seeds, fertiliser etc so after almost 2 years the garden will now be utilised properly. The parks department have also agreed to fund the construction of the netball court and to supply the basic equipment such as hoops and balls. Needless to say Dina & Mama Jane were delighted and the community will be thrilled when they hear about this.

There was more good news too, as the construction of the court will be done by tender and the winning contractor will have to employ people in the community to do the manual labour. Also, the parks dept are going to advertise a 'warden' type role in CNP and the successful applicant will be paid to ensure that the recreation area in CNP is kept clean and free from vandalism. The final bit of good news for the community was that they will be permitted to fundraise for community projects by selling the produce from the vegetable garden, and Mama Jane's soup kitchen will have to receive either part of the proceeds or part of the produce to help her work.

All in all that was an excellent meeting and hopefully within the next 2 months we'll see some positive action with regard to the vegetable garden and the netball court actually materialising.

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  1. If only the outside world " Out of Africa" had any idea how hard it is to achieve things like this, God is definitely at work here these things can not be done by man alone, " it is simply impossible" , we give God the glory and thanks giving.


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