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We've finally managed to get back onto Blogger after 3 days, apparently our monopoly phone company messed up and barred access to the service which is about what you'd expect from a monolithic uncompetitive monopoly. Gripe over and on with the posting...

Quite a lot has happened and we'll try and give a brief update on each thing...

We've just been through a very tricky and delicate phase in CNP with some major misunderstandings arising out of Michael & Joyce's court appearance. Dina thought we (or at least Dean) had taken a very anti ANC line and so she was very angry and upset. Thankfully Paula saw Dina and was able to smooth things over and calm Dina down before Dean saw her, at which time they were able to get to the bottom of the misunderstanding so it is all cleared up now.

There have been 2 deaths in the community, 2 young men were on their way home with some colleagues from CNP when their bakkie crashed killing the 2 young men, the other 4 all survived. This leaves 2 families in CNP without a 'breadwinner' so life will become very hard for them.

We're moving house early next week and we'll email our new address on masse, if you don't receive an email but want our new address, send us an email and we'll respond to it. We're all excited about moving as we'll be just around the corner from the church building and very close to town. We'll also have a bit more space which we desperately need and Dean will finally have a dedicated work space where he can get on with his studies with no further excuses!

We've had some fun over the last weekend, spending time on the beach and then flying Joel's kite in the park. We'll post some photos soon. Eli is doing really well now that he's used to the Soya formula and he's now just over 5kgs which is great. Joel continues to amaze us with what he's learning. Dean was pulled up short the other day when he and Joel were out in the car. Someone cut Dean up so he hooted them and as he did so Joel said "Muppet" which is Dean's favourite expression to describe people who annoy him. Whoops, we'll have to be more guarded in future.

We've just posted some photos on Finnie's in Focus, hope you enjoy them.

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  1. Praying for all those at CNP just now; and for your house move there is stress for you with two young children!


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