Action In Chris Nissen Park

Further to our post on 9th Feb (Action In CNP) about a meeting Dean went to with Dina, Mama Jane & Shirley at the municipality to talk about the potential of them installing a netball court and assisting with the finance of the community garden, we can follow up with the proof of good news.

The municipality has at last acted in CNP and the netball court has been laid and marked out. Now we are just waiting for the posts, nets & balls to be delivered and then the ladies will start to compete properly. The CNP team have hopes of joining the local league which would be really exciting for them.

The garden has had its first delivery of compost and now is waiting for some of the folk in the community to spread it around the garden.

This has all happened remarkably quickly and we really thank God for these answers to prayer!

Shirley standing in the middle of the netball court

The netball court clearly marked out, just waiting for the equipment

The garden with its first delivery of compost

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