Eli is legally our son!!!!!

We met with our social worker this afternoon who handed us the final adoption court order. The accompanying letter states quite clearly that: "According to the provisions of the Child Care Act 1983 (Act No. 74 of 1984), your adopted child is now regarded as if born to you."

WOW! PRAISE GOD!!!!!!!!!!

We have been in touch with Home Affairs and will be seeing them on Wednesday morning to formalise Eli's name change (to Eli Thomas Finnie) and to obtain a temporary passport to allow him to travel to the UK with us in June. Please pray that the paperwork would be processed quickly and smoothly. We have been told to expect to wait up to 4 months for Eli's new birth certificate.

We are so grateful for your prayers and covet them just a bit longer in terms of getting Eli's birth certificate, full SA passport and then his UK passport (a little further down the line). Pray too that we can get him a visa to visit the UK in June.

Once again we want to declare how good and faithful our God is!

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  1. Hmm got goose bumps reading this insert from you guys! Not much to say except AMEN!!!


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