Birthday Weekend

Joel had a lot of fun over the weekend celebrating his Birthday. The party on Saturday was great and all the kids had a lot of fun, even the parents seem to enjoy it and they all commented very positively on how we had structured and organised the event. Joel's friends were incredibly generous with the presents they gave him, we were quite stunned at some of the stuff and Joel was delighted with his new favourite toys.

On Sunday we celebrated his Birthday proper and opened a few presents before church, followed by lunch out and more presents on our return. The definite favourite is the Duplo dragon from Eli, Joel hates to put it down.

Enjoy the photos below:

A day at the races, this was so much fun and a definite winner amongst the kids.

Come on Dad, put the camera down & pick me up!


Showing Eli the Duplo dragon


  1. So good to be able to join in the celebration from afar! It looks like you had a fab time! Well done guys! But arn't parties stressful! Am always very glad when they are over!!


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