Paula went in to Chris Nissen tonight to meet with Dina and some new women for tea and fellowship. She had also been invited to look in on the building of the new netball court and to meet the new team of girls and pray for them. Just as they were walking down to the site Dina disappeared like a shot and Paula realised that Sandra, the community leader was heading straight for her full of aggression. She immediately started her accusations about Dina and the fact that she didn't know about the project etc.etc. Thankfully, Shirley, the new leader of the netball team was with Paula and Paula managed to get Sandra to direct all her accusations at her.

Despite the fact that the 'conversation' was very fevered and in Afrikaans, it became clear that she did not have her facts straight at all. Paula managed to confront her with the fact that if she was the community leader and very proud to be so, then shouldn't she be happy that such a project was getting off the ground? She couldn't really answer that! She then started on about the food parcels, again, with all her facts wrong. Again, Paula was able to say that this was the case and to assure her that if she knew of people who were very vulnerable and who should be receiving food, she must let us know. During the 45 or so minutes, she did visibly calm down and Paula felt that she was at least able to counter some of the false accusations, even if Sandra was not really prepared to listen. She is an extremely formidable woman and she needs our prayers. We need to see breakthrough in her life. Jealousy and gossip really are threatening to pull down any good that is happening in the community. We thank God that Dina did walk away tonight. She has no desire to fight, but is equally at a loss to know how to deal with the situation. This is just a classic situation of what life in CNP can be like. We often feel caught in the middle of what seem to be impossible situations, but we also know that God is in charge and that he can make a difference.

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  1. It sounds like you did a good job, and the right thing; so try not to be discouraged; I think God put Paula there at that moment, and that was the right thing. Dina will have felt Paula's support and that will encourage her too.


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