Chris Nissen Park Update

Dean visited Michael & Joyce this afternoon in their 'shack' and was appalled by the conditions they've been reduced to living in. When it rains their bed gets soaked, and they have to pay for the privilege!! Tomorrow Dean will take some photos of the shack so you can see just how awful their living conditions are! Michael is trying to remain faithful and believe that God is going to provide his family with some permanent accommodation but he's really struggling and cries himself to sleep at night.

Dean was with Michael & Joyce for about an hour and spent time praying with them which was great. We'll not harp on about this until we post the photographs tomorrow, however please consider how you might be able to help.

Dean finally caught up with Dina after the Bloemfontein conference. This was a life changing experience for her and she is positively glowing with God's grace in her life. Please pray for her as she has a difficult role in the community and she desperately wants to live " a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ," (Philippians 1:27) that others in CNP may come to know Jesus personally. Since the conference Dina has had an amazing time with Sandra and actually had a cup of coffee with her in her house - WOW! We thought such an event would never occur but for the grace of God!

Aletta too seems to be having a bit of a wake up call from God and has come to the point of saying that she wants to come back to church "not because of the people but because of the word of God" which is great. Dean spent quite a bit of time with her this afternoon talking about 'Do you want to be Right, or do you want to be 'Righteous?' and Aletta is in the position of wanting to be righteous but just not quite sure how that should pan out on a daily basis in her life. Please pray for Aletta as she come to terms with living daily for God, pray too for Dean as he has the privilege of spending time with Aletta and her family, encouraging them in the ways of God's word.

We've posted some more family photos on Finnie's in Focus so please take a look.


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