City Of Joy

I'm here in Maseru, Lesotho as part of a team of 100 helping to plant the City of Joy Community Church in Maseru. As Paula said below there are about 100 folk from 11 different churches around South Africa and the UK as well as a small core of people who will be the basis of the church. It is such an amazing privilege to be a part of this event and we are seeing God moving in the most amazing ways! We've seen a large number of salvations so far and lots of miraculous healings. It is so good to know that we do indeed serve the one true living God!

On the way into town this morning we stopped to pray for a man who had collapsed at the side of the road. He was definitely healed and then gave his life to Jesus as we prayed for him! We then took him back to the SU centre for some food. What an awesome privilege to be involved in this man's salvation.

Last night in our first Celebration meeting over 80 people gave their lives to Jesus and will be followed up by the church in the next few weeks. Praise God! In the three days prior to last night we saw over 70 people come to know Jesus! Wow! We're really expectant as to what God is going to do in the next two Celebration meetings. We have a huge marquee which can seat 2000 easily and we're praying that it might be full so that many people may hear about Jesus and come to know him personally. Please join us in this prayer.

Nobody here has ever experienced anything quite like this, we feel that revival is on the brink in Lesotho. Certainly this place is very open to spiritual matters and the Holy Spirit has definitely been preparing the ground prior to this campaign. Last night in the main meeting Lex prayed for healings and many folk came forward to be prayed for and then give testimony about how God had healed them. We simply stand in awe of what God is doing!

Please pray that Maseru and Lesotho as a whole will be deeply impacted by the good news of Jesus!


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