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This last week has been very emotional and stressful in CNP, not least because we've been working hard to try and resolve Michael & Joyce's housing situation. Well, Praise God! we've managed to get a wendy house for them. We can take no credit for this as Michael actually rang a local Christian radio station to tell them of his plight and an elderly couple called in to say they had a wendy house and they were willing to halve their asking price which amounted to the sum we had raised! So Thank You to those of you who helped!

On Friday Dean borrowed a bakkie from a church member (who also paid for a trailer) and went with Michael and a few other men to collect the wendy house, so by lunch time the wendy house was in CNP and Michael was then able to set about erecting it. Needless to say Michael is really delighted with this especially as the shack he and Joyce are currently in is due to be dismantled this weekend. God's timing is so superb!

As a result of an incident which occurred in CNP on Friday in connection with this, Dean is going to have to meet with a church member and an elder to resolve a serious issue which requires some discipline. Please pray for wisdom as Dean and the elders seek to address this issue and resolve it in a Godly and righteous manner.

On Sunday Dean is off to Maseru in Lesotho with a team from Jubilee Community Church in Cape Town. The team is part of a larger mission which aims to evangelise much of Maseru prior to the start of the 'Joy in the City Community Church' next Sunday. The team will participate in a number of rallies in the city as well as one to one witnessing out on the streets. There will also be some practical stuff that they will be involved with. Please pray for this mission, pray that God would bless the venture and that the church would be packed on it's first Sunday. There is a huge need for this church and it's great to be involved in a small way. Pray too for Paula as she'll be at home on her own for 8 days with the boys. Pray especially as she seeks to make this a fun time but also keep Joel's behaviour in line - he has a tendency to play up when Dad's not around.

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  1. lots of prayers wending their way upwards, for Dean away, but from a mum's point of view, more for Paula at home with the boys for 8 days! can you invest in some decent wine?!!!


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