Quite where the time is going at the moment we're not sure and we just don't seem to get enough time to write anything serious on the Blog. We'll try in a few short lines to let you know what's happening in CNP and with us, so hopefully you'll be up to speed.

For those of you who don't know yet, we managed to get Eli's passport fiasco sorted out, thanks to our living God who is a lot more accessible than the British high commissioner in SA! We really value your prayers, and can confirm that God did indeed answer them.

Winter has set in now and we're enjoying July's weather in May, which means it will probably rain almost continually for the next 4 months, deep joy! We know the rain is needed but the Englishman in us stops us from getting excited about it. The only real benefit is that the garden is looking good and the grass is green again.

Sadly the onset of winter also brings a dramatic rise in the number of folk in CNP suffering from various illnesses. As ever, TB has raised its ugly (but predictable) head and there are at least half a dozen people suffering right now. Paula visited a few this morning and prayed with them. Please join us in praying for the community, against such illnesses. Unfortunately TB is the most prevalent of AIDS related 'opportunistic' illnesses and the community suffers badly each winter.

This is our 3rd winter here in Helderberg and in the last two we've seen about 30 people die in Chris Nissen. Please pray with us that this year would be different, we'd love to see the mortality rate in the community drop to zero, but even if it only matched the national average, a lot fewer people would die in CNP this winter than in the last two.

Today saw the first death in the community this winter, an old lady known as 'Ouma Joyce' who had TB died during the night. Needless to say her husband is gutted. We took some tea, coffee, milk etc to him this afternoon so he can offer some hospitality to those that come to offer their condolences.

Dean has at last met up with a group of guys who go mountain biking regularly, so he's off each Tue and Thur evening getting muddy, scraped and bruised in the name of enjoyment. The crowd are really good, mostly from church so hopefully he'll build some good friendships through this.

We're all well, although Eli has been a bit sick today, however that was an allergic reaction so nothing too serious. We seem to be getting busier and busier as we prepare for our trip to the UK in June. Hopefully;y we'll get everything done here which we need to before we leave, but if we don't then 'never mind'.

Dean is particularly chuffed to be back in Blighty for the entire World Cup (coincidence?) and will be making the most of cheering England with friends in various pubs around the country. Let him know where you're watching the games and he'll do his best to join you!


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