Welcome Break

We're off to Franshoek in the morning for two nights 'sans' kids! We've been trying to organise this for ages (it's not easy when you have no familial support just around the corner) so Joel will be with his friends Caleb & Michelle and Eli will be with another couple who generously offered to help us out.

We really feel the need for this time off and are marvelling at God's timing. We tried to organise this for a couple of dates but it kept falling through, but now after Dean's return from Lesotho and some serious issues arising in CNP this mini break has come at just the right time.

Sadly, we had an incident on the Friday before Dean left for Lesotho in which one of our church members in was involved in gossiping about another Christian and ourselves, this has stemmed from unforgiveness towards the other believer and jealousy of our efforts to help. Dean was verbally abused by this member in the middle of CNP and the incident was witnessed by 4 other church members and goodness knows how many other community members. Please pray for the community as gossip and jealousy keep rearing their ugly heads and destroying so much good work.

We've just arranged to hold a meeting on May 10th in CNP for our church members to try and address these issues and Dean is also in the process of setting up a meeting with one of our elders to tackle this problem head on, which will result in some discipline. Please pray for Godly wisdom and tact as we navigate our way through very trying circumstances. Tragically, our church members in the community are often some of the chief protagonists in keeping the community downtrodden. We long to see each of our church members conducting themselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ, whatever happens. Phil 1:27 Please pray into this.


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