"Avast Me Hearties"

Joel was at the Weald playgroup this morning and really enjoyed himself there. This is a real blessing for us as it allows us to get some stuff done without having to drag him around with us. Eli remains 'under the weather', we're sure he's got hay fever but will keep an eye on him. Please pray against hay fever as he already has a lactose intolerance and suffers eczema quite badly so he really doesn't need any further allergies.

We're getting quite hectic at the moment as we're getting ready to go to Cheadle, the Lakes and then Gee Cross before spending a bit of time in Sheffield and returning to Weald early next week. Please pray that we would all travel safely and without hitches, pray too that our presentations go well. We'll be speaking on Sat evening, twice on Sunday morning and again the following Sunday.

Joel had fun dressing up as a pirate this lunchtime


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