Michael's Father

I spoke to Michael this morning to find out what's happening with Douglas, as when we visited him in hospital on Friday evening he was unaware of why he was in hospital and what was going to be happening. I managed to explain to Douglas (with Michael's help) that he was due to have both his legs removed due to gangrene. As you could imagine Douglas was very upset, whilst Michael was just cross that the hospital staff hadn't informed Douglas about the impending surgery.

Sadly, Douglas died on Sunday. Needless to say Michael & Joyce are very upset about this, but are being real stalwarts in getting things sorted in relation to preparing for the funeral on Saturday. Thankfully Douglas had a funeral policy which was up to date so there will be no problems with that.

Please pray for Michael & Joyce as they struggle to come to terms with this loss and now face some deeper issues relating to the house. This has the potential to get very messy and quite nasty. Please pray for grace and wisdom for all involved in this issue.


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