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I (Paula) have arrived back in Somerset West with a bang. My first week was hectic, not least getting everyone used to the old routines again! It is very hard to get out of bed at 7 am when it is freezing and dark.... convincing Joel that it is time to get ready for nursery when it is like this is even harder!! Nonetheless, it has been good to catch up with old friends and to meet 6 newborn babies from the last 6 weeks! (still 4 more to come!! Eli is going to have a huge peer group and hopefully plenty of future wives to choose from!!). One of these is the new daughter of 2 teenagers in Chris Nissen. I went to see her on Friday with her mum and both are doing really well. It is so hard to believe that 7 months have gone by since Eli was that little! Also encouraging in Chris Nissen are 2 new groups set up by social welfare for pensioners and the ongoing creche which keeps going despite very limited resources, praise God!

It was great to see so many old friends at my cell group again on Thursday. I am constantly moved by the welcome home that we receive by friends in Chris Nissen and it is a real encouragement that we must be doing something right! This term we are going to study closely the life of Jesus by looking at the gospel of Mark. This will be quite a challenge as not all of my mums can read, but I plan to have a go and see what the Holy Spirit says to us anyway!

Having decided to come back to a new and improved looking week(!), this week is looking busy busy. However, I am really serious about rationalising what I do and looking for new opportunities and outlets in terms of making friends and socialising the boys from this term. I would value your prayers in this. I really want to make a new friend (or more than 1) with whom I can share at a far deeper level. Too many of my friendships are more of an acquaintance, and I know that I need the support of deeper friendships. Joel is starting a little music group this week which will be for 45 mins a week and Eli is starting a new baby group. I pray that they will have great fun and that we will all enjoy meeting new people.

Of particular encouragement to me this week has been the church itself. God has obviously been speaking and moving whilst we have been away and we are excited to be a part of the membership in the months ahead. This week we have been inspired to keep on pushing on with what we are doing because there is coming a time when we will reach the top of the hill so to speak and God will allow us to see some real breakthroughs and encouragements.


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