Whale Watching

We took a gamble on Saturday and decided to go to Hermanus to see if we could see any whales as the 'official' season is just about on us. Thankfully the weather was great and we did see a couple of whales although they weren't very close to the shore. Joel was excited but we could tell he was a little disappointed that we couldn't get a really clear view of the whales.

Just before lunch it clouded over and the swell was increasing so we decided to go home via the coast road (the same road where Jaguar filmed their ad for the new XK!) and as we were about 15Kms from Gordon's Bay we saw a whale really close to the beach. Hope you enjoy the photos below.

Eli looking non-plussed but cute

Never looks where he's going!

Southern Right 'sailing'

'Sailing' again

Southern Right 'spyhopping'

'Sailing' - with a bit more style

Southern Right 'blowing'

We've also posted some photos on Finnie's In Focus


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