Prayer Need

We've been thinking for a while about changing Dean's car for a 'bakkie' (small pick-up) which would allow us to do a lot more for Chris Nissen than we currently can particularly with the feeding program and assisting folk in their housing needs (lugging materials etc).

Last night we were offered first refusal on just such a vehicle for a very good price. We're excited by the prospect of changing cars, especially as we know the history of this particular bakkie, it has only had one owner and has a full service history and has never done any arduous work. This is also quite amazing as these bakkies rarely become available and never for such a reasonable price.

Obviously we would need to raise the money, about £3000, some of which will come from the sale of Dean's car.

Please join us in praying for this. Having such a vehicle would really bless Chris Nissen and allow us to serve the community in many more ways than we can now.


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