Winter Blues

Oh how we long for Summer!! This week has been hideous and exhausting. Joel kicked off with a nasty bout of flu one week ago which in true Joel style led to bronchialitis. He hates his medication and it is a real trial getting it down him. He has also been off of Play Group all week - oh brother! Then, on the routine trip to the doctor with Joel, Eli was diagnosed again with a double ear infection on top of his cold, so he has been miserable and on antibiotics. To cap it all Dean has been quickly sliding downhill only to be diagnosed today with bronchitis. Our doctor is becoming quite a family friend!! He is now on the same medication as Joel but 3 times the dosage. Whilst there, the doctor showed concern about Eli and inspected him again. It seems that his ear infections have got worse and he is now on a 10 day course of powerful antibiotic (his 3rd different type in 2½ weeks). This is all very wearing physically and emotionally and we have also found it very expensive. Much as we may have moaned about the NHS in the past, we have spent the best part of £80 this week alone on doctor's visits and medication, none of which is covered by medical aid.

The weather has fit with the general mood of our household too - it has been absolutely lashing it down with rain and we have experienced gale force winds all day and night on 2 out of 7 days this week (the NW winter wind is very destructive and on Wed' night it ripped the side door of the garage right off its hinges!). We are also having to sit and shiver as our wood burning stove has decided to burn right through the carpet and underlay upstairs (amazing that we didn't have a house fire). We are now waiting for someone to come out on Monday, but with our landlady away, it is hard to know if we can take any action.

Oh how we long for Summer!!


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