40 Today!

40 Today!
Dean made it to 40 unscathed, not too bad an achievement in life.
He'll be having a 'Pink floyd Party' next Saturday which should be a lot of fun - at least the music will be fantastic!
You're all invited if you can make it over here.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIRTHDAY BOY!!!! Have a FAB Floyd Party!!! Wish we could be there; missing you very much just now, missing being there for you and your boys, and missing having you around for us!! You are such constant steady reliable friends ... easy now, you will have to widen your doors to get your enlarged ego laden heads through!! LOL always Rich and Sal

  2. Well, 40 years and still going strong! Wish we could be there for the party. I'm sure it'll be fantastic. We all send a big Shakes hug and keep counting the grey hairs!!!


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