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The good news is that Dean doesn't have TB! Praise God!! The bad news is that he's going to have to see the Dr. and try to sort out his cough and wheeziness as it's been going on for quite a while now. Dean is really frustrated as he can't shake off the cough but really doesn't want to take any more antibiotics. Probably the biggest frustration is not being able to go cycling, he's missed two rides this week and one last week, so he's trying to sort out a ride for tomorrow.

Dean's bible study was great this morning, he had a 'full house' and Greg brought chocolate cake along as well as the usual pies, so things went very well! They were looking at Daniel this morning and will be for the next few weeks. This morning started with an introduction and overview of the book which included setting the historical and cultural context as well as putting the various stories of the book into their proper chronological order. Dean really enjoyed preparing the study and is looking forward to working through the whole book in the coming weeks. Michael had a class question: he wanted to know whether or not the opening of the seals in Revelation 6:1ff was the reopening of the book of Daniel which was sealed in Daniel 12:9. Quite frankly we have no idea! Any wisdom would be appreciated!


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