Ohh The Shame!!

A very dear friend emailed us recently and was commenting on a something we had said about Joel enjoying stickers and described how one of her sons is also into sticky things.

David (not real name) heavily into stickers at the moment! So much so that he found 6 pantyliners, stuck them on a bit of paper, drew on them, and then insisted on showing them to the Betterware lady when she came to collect her catalogue. Ohh the shame!!

That made us laugh, hope you enjoyed it too.

PS. Apologies to the original author of the above quote as it was used completely without permission!


  1. Indeed, Indeed, OHHHH the shame! I can feel myself going RED just reading this blog entry!

  2. Hope you don't mind Sal?

    We were going to keep this post anonymous, but you've given the game away.



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