Bike Race - Preparations

Joel's nursery are holding a 'Bike Rally' tomorrow and there are prizes for the best decorated bike, so Joel & Daddy set about creating a masterpiece. Joel loved using 'real' paint and could barely contain himself. The biggest struggle for Daddy supervising was trying to persuade Joel to wait a while to allow one colour to dry before using a different one. Anyhow, he got the hang of it and did a sterling job.

Joel was really proud of his 'eye mask' and couldn't believe that he wasn't in trouble for painting himself

The almost finished bike. Joel did the painting all by himself, Daddy just added the 'bling' factor to the wheels

The finished item being tested

Joel with his finished bike, that prize is his for sure!

Eli was a bit bemused by the proceedings, He would have loved to get his hands into the paint

We'll let you know how the races go tomorrow.


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