Chris Nissen

I had an excellent afternoon in Chris Nissen catching up with friends and visiting a few others that I hadn't seen for a while. I always enjoy spending time in Dina's house and today was no exception as Basil & Mary were there with a neighbours daughter whom they look after during the day. Lytton (Dina's grandson) was there with a friend as was Dina and we all had a good laugh and chat. I then went and spent a bit of time with Vissy, I'm always stunned at how well she looks! God has been so faithful in answering our prayers for her. We were convinced about a year ago that she had only days to live, and here we are a year later and she looks really good. Praise God!

I then went on to see Peter who is struggling with his health at present. We had a good chat and prayer together. I really value Peter and enjoy his presence in my bible study group. Please pray for him as he really does live hand to mouth with no formal income. I'm neve quite sure how he gets by, but I know he often goes a day or two without eating. I'm taking some food to him on Wed' so hopefully that will bless him.

I had one of my rare chats with 'Security' (he runs a shabeen - den of iniquity), he tends not to be tooo available to chat with, but when we do stop and talk we get on really well. Please pray for him (real name: Richard), pray that God would break into his life and that he would repent and turn to God. From there I went on and spent time with Michael and then Aletta & Mama Jane, three stalwart church members and each an absolute pleasure to spend time with.

That was my afternoon in CNP and thoroughly enjoyable it was too!

Mary with Avril

Dina with Lytton


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