Christmas Hampers

One of the things that we've been really busy with recently was the organisation and distribution of food hampers to our church folk in Chris Nissen. The planning for the hampers was immense as we received physical donations of food and cash donations.

We then had to work out how much we needed to buy before trogging off to a cash & carry to get the balance of food. This in itself wasn't straightforward as they only sell things in certain quantities, so it was all a little messy. Once we had the food, we then had to get it sorted into the various hampers ready for distribution. Thankfully, Dina, Aletta and Aunty Poppy were fantastic and worked their socks off to help us get it all organised. Amazingly, the physical side of the job was completed in one day, yesterday, and the folks who received the hampers were thrilled. Each hamper was given with love from the church to our dear brothers and sisters in the community.

We were exhausted in the evening, but it felt really good having laboured so hard for such a brilliant purpose! We're also hoping to keep this rolling in 2007 to complement the monthly feeding program we run in conjunction with Hertford Baptist Church in the UK, please pray that we are able to do so.


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