Nose Picking Shepherd

Joel had a ball at the Twinkle Tots Nativity yesterday. He did himself proud and we were very proud parents! As you'll see from the photos below, Joel was very happy and enjoyed the whole experience, unlike last year when he refused to participate and cried throughout. Nata had obviously given a lot of thought as to who would take which roles and Joel was one of two shepherds. The other shepherd was a smaller boy named Liam and Joel took him under his wing and helped him along.

Nata preparing the parents for what will be happening

The Nativity begins

Joesph & Mary

A song break

They're really enjoying themselves

The shepherds on their way, Liam lagged behind a bit. Ouma (at the back in blue) was so proud of Joel!

The shepherds visit Jesus

Another song..

..and actions

The star leads the wise men to Jesus

Nata prompting the actions

Another song

Fun being had by all

Joel was so eager to do the actions

Father Christmas took a few minutes out of his busy schedule to give the kids a present


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