Fun With Grandad

Our last few days with Grandad & Lesley were spent chilling out and spending time with the boys, this was especially important for Joel who knows and understands who Grandad is. Joel really loves Grandad and knowing that they might not see each other for another 18 months makes it very important to spend quality time together when opportunity allows.

Sadly, on Thursday we had to say goodbye as Grandad & Lesley had to return home to the UK. Joel & Mummy took them to the airport which was helpful for Joel to understand that they had left, but also upset him as he wanted to go on the airplane too. Thankfully, after getting home and a few treats Joel was fine, although both he and Eli struggled for the afternoon. Hopefully things will be back to normal quite quickly.

A lazy(ish) afternoon, Eli makes it busy

Lounging around

Eli just has to be where Joel is

Eli desperate to climb gets a helping hand from Grandad


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