Home Based Care

We are constantly amazed by God's goodness and faithfulness regarding Chris Nissen Park. Just when things are getting difficult again in many respects, God sends along a little angel and we can start to dream and plan again for the future! As you know Paula has been dreaming of officially launching a small home based care team this year. Around 20 women from the community have received some training and Paula has done quite a bit of work drawing up requirements, budgets, characteristics of carers etc. However, apart from so far lacking any sort of finance to be able to start the scheme, she also felt quite out of her depth in terms of the more medical side of home based care.

In December a woman from our church approached her out of the blue eager to know more about the programme and pledging her help. She came to see Paula again 2 weeks ago and was in time to attend a very important planning meeting. It turns out that she is a nursing sister, who currently only works 1 day a week - WOW!! Paula immediately took her to visit some of the folk we will start caring for first and she was wonderful in terms of her manner, her advice and her knowledge. Praise God. Please pray for Paula and Irma on Wednesday morning when they have a meeting in the main tent at CNP to share the vision again and to decide who should be our official first home based carers. We have already identified our first 'patients'. Please also pray that the proposal Paula has submitted to our church for regular financial support will be positive. We don't want to start anything too seriously without the promise of bucks and yet the need is too huge to not do anything now.


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