Paddling Pool

We had a fairly lazy weekend and spent quite a bit of time around the paddling pool particularly on Sunday. The weather was great with the temperature in the high 20's rather than low 30's so it was quite comfortable. On Saturday we went to the Nature Reserve (sadly the camera battery died) and had a lovely morning feeding the ducks and trying to coax Spikey the porcupine out of his house, with no success.

Joel had a great first full week at the International School Nursery and we can see him changing already. It's still quite odd getting him dressed in his uniform in the mornings, but we can see him developing so positively and enjoying the school. We're also very blessed as he's in a class of 10 with two members of staff so he never really has to compete for attention. Wow! what a blessing for us.

Eli finishing his milk

Joel gets faster and faster on his bike

Eli contemplating the paddling pool

Soon getting the hang of it

Joel getting serious in the pool

A relaxing moment

Don't sit too close


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