Bible Study

We had an excellent bible study on Thursday. We were looking at Daniel 6 (we're slowly working our way through the whole book) and had an excellent discussion at the end about our faith and whether our neighbours, colleagues etc are aware that we serve the living God 'continually' as Daniel did. Darius recognised Daniel's faith so why shouldn't others recognise our faith? We all felt positively challenged which is great and hopefully we'll see some fruit in our lives as we witness to those around us.

Another exciting development in the group is that Alfred is now my co-leader, so he'll start to take on some responsibility which is fantastic. Also, Michael is the 'care leader' for the group so he will take responsibility for the pastoral issues and make sure each member is OK and liaise with myself about hospital admissions etc. I'm really excited about this growth and change in the group as it suggests that we're doing something right for God's kingdom. This should also mean that I'm kept better informed about needs within the community and should help us to reach out and meet needs where we can as well as informing our prayer life.

The group was a little depleted as James was off with some seasonal work picking fruit on a farm. Vicky was on his way to hospital in Cape Town where he'll be spending the next 8 weeks. This is excellent for him and he's really excited. Hopefully he'll come back much stronger and healthier. Please pray for him that this time in hospital would be a real blessing to him. Trevor is really struggling at present, he's had a couple of spells in hospital and on Wed' was taken again as he was coughing up blood. Trever is clear of TB so this is quite worrying for him. Please pray for healing, we don't know what is wrong (definitely not HIV+), but God knows.

Scottie didn't join us this week which was a shame. Please continue to pray for him as he struggles to beat his alcohol addiction and get his life sorted out. Pray that God would break into his life and he would turn to God.


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