Butterfly World

Paula accompanied Joel and his class on their first school trip today to Butterfly World in Paarl. He had an absolute ball - firstly riding in the car with one of his new friends, Pabatso, who is a Sotho speaker solely and yet manages to get by in an English speaking nursery - aren't kids amazing!! He was then treated to up close and personal experiences (a) with the butterflies themselves in a wonderfully humid and hot enclosed area, and then with a couple of snakes and (thankfully!) some enclosed tarantulas and other such "lovelies". After lunch (10.30 am in South Africa), they then went to play with some little farm animals and generally larked around for a while before coming home. It was fun to see Joel and his friends having such a good time and it was also good for Paula to meet some of the mums and dads and to chat with Joel's teacher a bit more.

Joel was fearless and led the way with the snakes

This boy has no fear!

Joel pointing out the wildlife (that's Mrs Walsh Joel's teacher)

Such a beautiful place!

Joel, Ross & Liam

Joel the spider


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