Christmas Pageant

On Thursday evening we enjoyed Joel's Christmas Pageant at school (it was held early as the Reception teacher leaves today). Nursery, Reception together with years 1 & 2 participated to make a great evening.

Joel had a special bit to do as the snowman with a carrot nose who has his carrot stolen by a naughty hungry bunny. Until his bit he was very nervous but afterwards he was very relaxed and participated brilliantly. Mrs Walsh, Joel's teacher, was delighted with him.

Joel made us very proud!

Singing Jingle Bells

Arden, Joel, Morgen, George, Ross, Liam & Stuart as reindeers

The snowman with his carrot nose

Sipiwe the naughty hungry bunny about to steal the carrot. That's Mrs Walsh behind Joel

Now we're getting into it!


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