Bits & Bobs

This week is our first week of back to normal routine since the beginning of December. The summer holiday really changed things and disrupted the usual flow so it's good to get back into a routine that works. Things are a bit different this year as Eli is in nursery five mornings a week and Joel now finishes at 1pm and has some extra mural activities so sometimes doesn't get home until 2pm. On those days we enjoy a quiet lunch together as Eli is in bed, it's great occasionally not to have the usual noise levels that accompany boys!

It's good to be back in Chris Nissen, catching up with friends and starting to visit folk again. By all accounts Christmas and New Year were unusually quiet in the community. Sadly this doesn't seem to have extended to the usual infighting between certain characters.

Michael has a bit of a roofing problem. Recently the South Easter has been much stronger than usual and on Saturday morning it ripped a roof off a shack and slammed it against Michael's roof smashing several roofing sheets and the whole ridge. A couple of guys from church have made some temporary repairs but we'll have to sort something more permanent out before the winter rains.

Our church will be hosting the Newfrontiers prayer & fast for Southern Africa on the 6th & 7th of Feb' and Dean is responsible for co-ordinating the volunteers we'll need to make the event happen, so he's getting busy with that which should keep him out of mischief.


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