We had another busy but lovely weekend as a family. On Saturday we attended the 1st birthday party and dedication of Jemma Joy, the daughter of some new friends of ours. It was a very special occasion and everyone had lots of fun. While Eli was out and about mingling and generally getting up to as much as he could, Joel really enjoyed playing with the toys in someone else's bedroom and watching the TV with all the other boys!

After church on Sunday we had promised Joel that he could choose something to do together. You wouldn't have to be a genius to guess what he wanted to do...!!! Again, the boys had a ball in the aquarium, particularly amongst some of the newer attractions. The walk-in Nemo tank was a real hit! They also love the puppet show and Joel wasted no time in 'directing', whilst Eli sat back and enjoyed the fun!

The boys enjoying Tom & Jerry

Inside the Nemo tank

Fascinated by the giant crabs

Having fun

Loving the puppet show

Shark watching

Daddy is very proud as both boys are enjoying listening to David Gilmour in concert and Joel regularly request the CD at meal times. On Sunday as we were driving into Cape town Joel was singing along to Shine On You Crazy Diamond and was word perfect. What a star!


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