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We had an excellent bible study in Chris Nissen this morning. We were looking at the story of Samson as part of our series on Famous Bible Stories. The aim of the series is to equip the men with a good basic knowledge of where the famous stories are in the bible and what they're about.

Anyway, this morning we were looking at Samson asking the question; was his a wasted life or not? We came to the conclusion that his life was wasted but ultimately God triumphed and something good came out of it. We then sought to apply Samson's story to our own lives, what can we learn and how can we make sure we don't live empty wasted lives? Each of my men agreed that they want to live lives which reflect God's glory so that we can win the community for Christ. I was so proud of them for this!

I'm really beginning to see that with this small group (just five men) who are incredibly faithful we could turn this community around and see the kingdom of God advancing in a dark place. My aim over the next few weeks is to just spend time with these men, building them up and encouraging them to continue to live lives worthy of the gospel of Christ (Phil 1:27).

I'm excited about Chris Nissen Park again!

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