Winter Has Arrived!

Winter is well and truly here and the weather is awful. The Northwest wind is pumping heavily and has almost destroyed our TV aerial as well as taking branches off a few trees. The rain also arrived today which gets most locals quite excited but the English in us stops us from finding rain exciting!

Joel & Eli however couldn't wait to put their raincoats and welly boots on and go splashing in the rain. Thankfully they'd had enough after half an hour but Eli did manage to do some jumping on the trampoline in that time.

As you can see in the photo, the weather really isn't too good but it isn't deterring the boys!

Today is Mother's Day (the international one) so Joel helped me do a cooked breakfast for Mummy which was served in bed much to the delight of the boys. Hopefully Mummy will have a relaxing day if she can remember what one of those is.

Comfort food is the order of the day when the weather turns bad. They enjoyed making their own pizza

Dean rode in the Tru Cape on Saturday morning, read more here and compare it to last year's effort here.


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