"Your Cape Town's Very Nice"

Today being the third public holiday in 1 week(!) we decided to go with our friend Jo into Cape Town, with a difference. This time we wanted to go to the Planetarium, which we knew would be a real treat for Joel. What a day we had! It turns out that the Planetarium is attached to the South African Museum a local version of the Natural History Museum, so we all had a ball gazing at dinosaur skeletons; stuffed animals of all shapes and sizes and getting truly knowledgeable about the great white sharks that we live alongside here in False Bay! Following a very memorable trip to the cafe where Jo had a 'small snack', and we all gazed on in admiration - we had an excellent presentation of stars, planets etc. etc. in the planetarium. Both boys were open-mouthed and loved the chairs that tip right back so that you can gaze at the presentation on the ceiling.

After this Jo introduced us to the cultural side of Cape Town and we enjoyed a leisurely stroll through the Botanical Gardens, whilst Joel and Eli chased the squirrels. We couldn't have picked a more fantastic day, with Table Mountain as the back drop under a deep blue sky - bliss! We found a lovely pavement cafe and had even more to eat before coming home whilst listening to Joel singing along with his new friends, Dave Gilmour and David Bowie!! The comment of the day goes to Joel, who piped up to Jo, "Your Cape Town's very nice Jo". We agree!!!!

Joel was very impressed by the dinosaur which was too big to get into the photo

Both boys really enjoyed the museum

Eli was taken with the bears..

..whilst Joel was enthralled by the goryness of this exhibit!

I will ride this one!

Paula & Jo who's become a good friend. The boys adore her!

Paula, Joel & Jo in the Planetarium

In the Corporation Gardens


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