Today was a bit of a mixed day for the boys. It all began with a trip back to Interhealth for the second lot of rabies and typhoid injections. The really bad news is we've still got to go back once more! They were both very brave as the 'horrible' nurses jabbed them in both arms.

Shortly afterwards we had a trat lunch in Mc D's followed by ice cream on the Southbank by HMS Belfast.

Joel especially enjoyed seeing such a big warship and was really thrilled when a police speed boat went crashing past - all very exciting! Afterwards we had a stroll through the Hays Galleria where the boys enjoyed seeing the 'sculpture' fountain.

Hays Galleria has changed a lot since the time we spent there courting over 20 years ago! Back then there were hardly any people around so it all felt quite exclusive. Now the place is awash with tourists.

Enjoying lunch at Mc D's

Joel & HMS Belfast

Joel in the Hays Galleria, Eli refused to join in the photo

Ice cream is a definite favourite!


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