Wedding Anniversary

At seventeen years of marriage there is no traditional nomenclature for the anniversary, you have to wait for the 'china' of twenty years before you get into that again.

We've had a great day albeit a very different one to how we've celebrated previous anniversaries - no sloping off for a quiet weekend sans enfants!

We went to church as usual (for a Sunday) and then onto Cape Town with the boys where we visited the aquarium and then had fish & chips for lunch at Ocean Basket - the boys choice. Joel loved playing with the bones from Mummy's sardines and then scoffed a lot of Daddy's prawns. Joel even enjoys shelling them himself. Eli amazed us with his choice of dips for his chips, he chose raw garlic!!

Previous anniversaries can be seen here: 16th, 14th & 13th we seem to have neglected our 15th.

Eli & Mummy


  1. What lovely photos and a tale of beautiful day.

    God bless you all!

  2. 17 years?
    I realise this sounds awfully corny. But seriously, was your wife of legal age when you married her or was it some African tribal, child bride ceremony?

  3. Thanks for your comments.

    The wife was suitably pleased with Madpriest's inference that she looks a lot younger than her real age. I'm simply offended that no one thinks I look younger than I am!


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