We've been back almost a week and finally get around to posting some photos of our holiday. We had a great time staying on a really quiet farm called Ravenna Mountain Retreat which is about 30k's from Montagu on South Africa's famous Route 62. Apart from it being a bit too cold to use the pool right outside our cottage the place was perfect. The boys really enjoyed the jungle gym whilst mum & dad enjoyed the peace. On previous visits to this part of the Klein Karoo we've stuck around the Montagu area but this time spent more time in and around Barrydale.

One of the highlights was Warmwaterberg Spa with its three hot pools. The boys loved spending half a day soaking in the hot water. we managed two mornings there and are really grateful to a couple we met half way through the holiday who told us about the spa. Most locals recommend a trip to the hot springs in Montagu but these have been colonised by a larney hotel which isn't great for youngsters. Warmwaterberg is much better and well worth the 30k's drive out of Barrydale.

Spot the Eli

Joel was very proud of his achievements on the jungle gym

Blue cranes, South Africa's national bird. These were seen on the farm each morning.

Our pool with stunning views

Nothing holds Eli back on a jungle gym

Peach and apricot trees just coming into blossom

Much fun was had at the garden sprinkler

Yummy fish & chips for lunch

Daddy enjoying a beer & burger for lunch

The boys at Warmwaterberg Spa

Breakfast to celebrate Daddy's birthday

Joel had a ketchup sandwich after polishing off his full English!

Inevitable photo that had to be done. Read more here

Joel finishing off another plate of prawns

Fun in another garden

"Stick 'em up!"

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  1. This post is pure delight to read. One day I must visit South Africa!

    I have traveled much, but never to Africa. Right now I am in a time of my life when travel is not on the menu for many reasons, but one day...

    Thanks for sharing your trip memories. Happy Birthday to you Dean!

    And I so love your sense of humor as well.


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