Christmas Day Fun

We had a great day yesterday and the boys had lots of fun opening their presents. It started with a stocking at the end of their beds followed by their main presents after church. We went to Christ Church in Somerset West for their Christmas service and we really enjoyed it. It was quite nice to have a bit of tradition on the day.

Despite the seemingly huge number of presents we managed to slow things down a bit and told the boys a bit more about Jesus and what Christmas is really about. Joel seems to get it although he was really desperate to get on with opening presents.

Once again we had our Christmas dinner in the evening after the boys had gone to bed, but sadly we had to give up on eating it outside as it really was quite chilly in the wind. Never mind, the turkey was great and we had a lovely meal - despite not having any Brussels sprouts which amounts to a mini crisis in our house!

The depth on concentration needed to inflate the whoopee cushion is immense

Eli inside a gift bag.

The sheer delight on his face is priceless

Joel is proud of his pirate Buff (bandana)

Cracker pulling

Eli at home drilling a box

Joel was really taken with his new books, this one is called 'Plundering Pirates'

On Chrsitmas Eve we had a lot of fun tracking Santa on the Norad website


  1. Great photos! My stepdaughter and I are enjoying looking at them.

    Ongoing Christmas wishes to you all from us!

  2. I'm sorry but I HAVE to take you to task about one comment here!! Having Christmas Day with NO (blasted!)brussel sprouts, should NOT be seen as a crisis, but rather MUST be seen as a major victory and cause of celebration!! UG UG UG!! I hate them when they go in my mouth, and I hate them when they add to the ozone layer and come out!!! Fab photos though, especially the one of Eli opening his stocking!


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